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Born and raised in Wisconsin, Andy developed an interest in art at an early age. Goralski has always been a passionate sports fan. Andy’s trademark ability to paint lifelike portraits has brought him to national prominence in recent years, and his originals hang in the homes of many top athletes around the country.

“I try to capture the heart of the athlete I’m painting,” he explains. “For many of the people who collect my work, the players are like family. They see them on TV almost every day. They know what they look like from all angles. That’s why it’s so important to paint them as realistically as possible,” he adds. Although adept in both oils and acrylics, Andy prefers to work in pastels, a trait that also sets him apart, since many artists shy away from this often difficult to use medium. “Pastels can be hard to control and it can be difficult to maintain detail with them, although I’m convinced that the natural texture of a persons face cannot be achieved with other mediums” Andy explains. Each work is done one layer at a time. Andy begins by sanding a heavy-weight museum-quality paper until he achieves the proper “tooth.” He then meticulously layers pigments to achieve the desired effect. His unique layered style allows his works to take on a three dimensional quality.

Pastels are pure pigment, the same pigment used to manufacture oil and acrylic paints, without a liquid binder. Since they are not composed of liquid, pastels can last virtually forever. Acrylics and oils are subject to cracking and fading as they age. In recent years, many of Andy’s prints have been so well accepted by collectors that several editions have been sold out. Some prints are difficult to find and may be priced today well above their original issue price. “Collectability” is a crucial part of Goralski portfolio. “We want our collectors to benefit from a strong aftermarket. We sincerely hope that all editions will sell out; then our collectors have an opportunity to resell their prints for more then what they paid initially. Even if they choose not to resell their prints, they appreciate knowing that they have a piece of art that will increase in value.” Most collectors purchase reproductions on paper and canvas. Goralski takes great care in reproducing his work. “I consider the reproduction method an extension to my studio,” said Goralski.” Goralski gets directly involved in the printing process insuring that each print meets his quality standards. Each print is inspected and then signed and numbered by the artist. Click here for information about commissioning a portrait by Goralski

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